The Msinga region is situated in the Umzinyathi county of the KwaZulu-Natal district in South Africa. The official number of the population is around 200,000 people who live on a total land area of around 2.500 km². The central administration office of the Msinga region is based at Tugela Ferry.

The Msinga region was the first outreach area of our organization when it was established in 2000.

Our Zulu name Msinga describes "an ocean current whose water surface ripples from air motions. The breeze which develops this way ultimately influences the climate conditions of its surroundings" (Msinga District Administration).

We are part of a world-wide current of people, churches and ministries that brings hope in a sea of distress and misery. Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ and moved by the Holy Spirit, we bring hope into hopelessness and light into darkness. Through our ministry and through the life-giving Gospel we want to help people be changed. Therefore we beneficially influence the climate of families, communities, localities and regions!