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Covid19 emergency aid through our projects

Dear friends,

We all have to deal with changes caused by the virus crisis. On the one hand, this affects many due to changed working conditions, distance rules, and meetings that are still held online. But for people in Germany, even with some concessions, it still looks different from our project countries, where many people are struggling to survive at the subsistence level.

Hunger, depression, rising suicide rates are the consequences of lack of income - due to the almost common lockdown situation. Through the Covid19 emergency aid, we can react to the needs of the suffering people in our countries of operation. With humanitarian assistance on the ground, we can give assistance to people in need. Your donation will be forwarded to the places of action without any deductions. At the moment, we are supporting relief efforts among poor and needy people in South Africa, Nepal, and Uganda. We need to see and experience the responsibility of local organizations and church communities before we start to provide targeted help by financing food parcels in the countries mentioned above.

We have already been able to help our partners in South Africa, Nepal, and Uganda to finance about 500 food parcels. On average we calculate about 20 Euros per food package. We hope that we will soon be able to help another 400 recipients. You are also welcome to finance one single food parcel if you like.

In close cooperation with our project partners in these countries, we find ways to address the needs of people in their environment specifically. Your donation helps to give hope; hope that arrives. By using volunteers here in Germany, we can ensure that your gift arrives in full among the suffering people on site.

If you would like to choose the Msinga e.V. platform to support Covid19 emergency aid, you are welcome to do so, or other organizations may do so as well. It is essential that the aid does not fall by the wayside, but that it arrives safely on-site, which we ensure for all our projects.

We offer Msinga e.V., with our local partners as a platform to help - even though we know that this time is financially challenging for many of us. We only want to pass on this information to those who can help financially. With this, we do not want to pressurize anyone.

We wish everyone God's blessing and comfort in all the challenges you may find yourself in at the moment.

For Jesus Christ is always the same - yesterday, today and for all eternity. (Hebr.13.8)

Thank you very much for your help!

Msinga e.V. Chairman, Matthias Luebke


Donation account: Msinga e.V.

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IBAN: DE66 6025 0010 0001 1623 87 – Reference: “Covid19 relief”

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