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Are we spectators - or with Jesus on the team?

It is much easier to follow a game from the spectator's stand than to actively win a game on the pitch. Good advice from fans or frustration about missed opportunities doesn't help much.

Our lives are about much more than a game, they are about reality. Jesus does not want to be a fan but He calls people into His team, those who respect His love and appreciation - no matter who they are. The playing field is not a church, not a club, but normal life. He calls us because He loves, respects, understands, coaches, heals and shares His life with all those people who allow Him to do so.  Jesus’ team is not an elite of heroes, but simply people who recognize God's love in Jesus Christ, believe in Him and then "distribute" His love! That’s when life becomes worth living. Is your life already worth living?

In John's Gospel chapter 6 we read that many people followed Jesus because they had seen miracles and ate the bread that He had multiplied. However, what mattered to these fans of Jesus was for him to fulfil their wishes, what they were able to eat, what inspired them and what they got - but not  Jesus Himself. Jesus explained to his fans that He is not about miracles and bread, but that He Himself is the bread of life, “the menu waiting for them” so to speak. This disappointed and angered many fans, and from that day on they no longer followed Him.

Then Jesus turned to His disciples and asked them: “Don't you also want to go away?”

Simon Peter answered him, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life; and we have believed and known that you are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

For mere “fans” of Jesus He is the “vending machine” that provides for their needs:  as soon as a prayer request is not complied with as expected, then let’s get out of here!

Simon Peter experienced it differently. Jesus became a point of contact for him and his team, where God's love touched the earth in a way that could be experienced and was tangible. Jesus, the unconditional love of God the Father, shows us how precious we are to him, loved and accepted! Jesus speaks the word of life, words of eternal life, as Simon Peter put it. It’s all about your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The entry to the "playing field" with Jesus and his team is faith, a childlike trust by which you entrust your life to Him, welcoming Jesus into your life. His mission takes place everywhere and among people of any origin, culture, language, age or social status.   

Are you a fan or do you live with Jesus in a team?

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