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I am sitting here in my room in a mega city of India. The noise hardly dies down at night, the unknown smells, dust, crying, shouting, hooting and people everywhere. People try to live - or better survive? People sleep on pavements, under bridges, shelters and children are everywhere. Some of them are exploited and "used up" in the machinery of survival like in factories, prostitution and abuse. How can people live here and survive?

Burdened and overwhelmed of all that I witnessed I thought of what people have in Germany and how dissatisfied people can be at times. It dawned on me again that real satisfaction is only found in JESUS.

I had hoped I would wake up and see it was only a dream, but sad enough what I witnessed was reality.

When I went yesterday with my friend to one of the slums in the city center for some home visits, I met many children and young girls that will soon be slaves in the exploitation of prostitution. I was like lame, I could hardly breath. I knew more than some of these kids what would happen to them sooner or just overwhelmed me. I felt like so discouraged and disappointed, how could we help in this situation?

I remembered that I had heard that through the help of our indigenous project partners only this year 35 children had been rescued from this place and given a new home with schooling a future for tomorrow outside this life of abuse. And for those living here every Saturday are gatherings for women and children to share about the life giving message of Jesus Christ who laid down HIS life as a ransom for many, including people from these slums. Sparks of hope lit my heart and mind. Msinga e.V. God-parents support made it possible that we can support people working here right where the greatest needs are. How privileged are we, that we can be part of such a ministry. Beside all the suffering I had witnessed, I was able to give thanks to the Lord and pray for the workers in this ministry and for you, where ever the Lord has placed you to serve as His follower.

Beside project meetings and planing we had a seminar for 80 cell group leaders of the Nepali Church here in the city. We had such a blessed time together. I could learn so much from the Nepali people here, how they live out their faith and follow Christ in these devastating circumstances. This morning (08:00 bis 14:00) I was asked to preach in three Nepali services. It was such an experience for me to be here again and connect with these precious people.

Our Msinga e.V. Nepali God-children are doing well. I rejoice every time I meet with them. This has been my third time now and it is such a blessing for me to see the change and life that radiates from their lives. After letters to God-parents in Germany were written, we had lunch and fellowship together. And it was hard and not without tears when we had to say good bye, even to our own beloved God-child. Msinga e.V. can be a voice of those children who do NOT have a voice on their own to be heard.

I want to especially thank the God-parents who support this ministry with their prayers and gifts. This is such a blessing to see what the Lord is doing through you.

From here I will travel to Nepal, but part of my hear remains here with precious people that I love and who will always be part of us…

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