Where do you belong? What is your identity?

by Matthias Lübke

Primarily what Jesus speaks about in this Scripture it is not about the result of fruit, but about the mystery of faith - to see what our life becomes ones we live dependent and united with Jesus. To be with Jesus, in HIM, to know HIM - in the metaphorical language of His word: to be attached as a branch to the vine of Jesus. This is what the Father in heaven, who is described as a gardener, promotes. God takes care of us and involves us in His work through Jesus Christ. This makes us become bearers of hope and share His love with other precious people around us.

This is the life you long for, to be safe and accepted by Jesus, to be found, to be fed, to be supported, to be loved, to know who YOU are in God! All this includes a life of faith in Jesus! Fruit is not the condition Jesus is looking for, but the consequence of a life united to Jesus: complete forgiveness, the acceptance of God through Jesus Christ, who gave His life for our sins on the cross of Calvary in our place. His resurrection on the third day, when Jesus showed His victory over our sin problem, applies to us today. At every step/stage in our life's journey. His word and His promises still apply to each of us today! Come to Jesus and abide with Him! What He wants to make out of your life is amazing and unique. Come and you will see! His promises are true and trustworthy.  


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