Community ministry

We are invited to be involved and partner in ministry which transforms lives and communities in the heart of Nepal.

A friend of mine said: "... The ministry of transforming people’s lives and communities takes an army of gifted and generous partners.  It sounds cliché but remains true, ‘Together we can make a world of difference’ to men, woman boys, and girls in disadvantaged communities."

Worldwide we have become a global village in which we are called to be people, who share genuine care and with one another!

Community ministry and development include reaching out with love and understanding to people in need and distress. We are supporting groups and teams all over Nepal and strengthen their effort to share genuine love through physical, emotional, and spiritual aid. We assist community projects, support the training of workers, and provide financial help to teams who go to the needy and helpless in Nepal. And we keep on learning in the process to not create any financial dependencies at the same time to be a family to the disadvanced in Nepal.

Practical ways to offer help can be prayer, child sponsorships, helping in community projects, and training and support of community workers.

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Community workers in the mountains